Adventure in Game Development

February 18, 2016

Time flies fast, I am 30 years old at the moment.
Felt like yesterday I graduated from university, and here I am standing behind the desk, doing daily programming.

One of the reason I went into Informatics was to be a game programmer.
Unfortunately, game development is very hard, and most jobs in programming fields were desktop (now mobile) and web development.
The job security in game industry is not good as well and there was very few local game developers back then.

A good thing happened during Game Developer Conference (GDC) last year, game engines cost went down, and one of them Unreal Engine 4 was set free though it is still royalty based.

Nowadays I don't have any ambition which is rather shitty.
However we only live once and I'm at the point where chasing an old dream is worth a try.
So I've been studying Unreal Engine 4 with my friend for the past few months in our spare time. I'm still a noob but I hope our adventure will be a fabulous one !

Git LFS Error

February 11, 2016

I often get git process error when commiting with git lfs turned on.

Not sure what caused this, but generally I solve it by deleting index and index.lock, then performing "git reset"

I Will Forget : Elastic Beanstalk Deployment Took Forever

February 4, 2016

PaaS like Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (EB) in some way makes deployment easier.

However it is not always working smoothly.
This afternoon, when I performed "eb deploy", for some reason the new version was not deployed successfully. The deploy process took really long time, and in the end it failed.

I did have experience with this, normally what I do is just terminate the actual EC2 instance associated with EB. If the minimum healthy instances is smaller than the number specified in EB environment configuration, then EB will create new instance. This approach will work however if your minimum instance is 1, it will cause downtime.

To avoid downtime, we can increase minimum instances to 2, which will force EB to create new instance. After a new EC2 instance is created, we can change the minimum back to 1, and then delete the EC2 instance which has issue.

Digital Tutors is Pluralsight Creative Now

October 29, 2015

Today Digital Tutors changed its brand to Pluralsight Creative.

The good thing is Digital Tutors subscriber can access whole Pluralsight library as well !!

This is awesome for me, as Pluralsight has more programmer oriented videos.

I still remembered, back in 2013 they acquired Tekpub, and since then Rob Conery became a Pluralsight content creator.

Let's hope they won't increase the subscription fee !

Git LFS Support in GitHub

October 14, 2015

GitHub has announced that GitLFS has reached 1.0, and the good news is now all GitHub repositories support LFS.
That means right now GitHub is the only one who supports LFS.
The bad news is the free plan just allows 1 GB LFS bandwidth which is small... especially for certain type of software development.
No such thing as a free lunch...

IIS Issue - applicationhost.config is Not A Well Formed Xml

September 1, 2015

Suddenly an ASP.NET website was down...
I didn't do anything new to the web app there. Upon inspection I got message saying "applicationhost.config Is Not A Well Formed XML".

This indicates that file in "C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config" was corrupted. Normally you can find its backup inside "C:\inetpub\history\" folder. Don't forget to restart IIS after that.

In our case, this corruption was caused by hard disk space.

Thanks to this StackOverflow post.

Being 30 Years Old

September 1, 2015

I am 30 this year ...
Finally I'm being an adult, and will act like one...
I will be playing Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain then !!

Trying Garmin VivoSmart

August 18, 2015

Roughly 1 year ago, I said that Fitbit Force was good as a fitness band. Unfortunately, my Force is almost detached now.

Actually. several months ago I have glued it because the plastic around LED almost went loose. So I can say that the build quality of Fitbit Force is not that good. As for its usage, I have no complaint. It works as advertised.

Right now there are a lot of fitness bands available. Fitbit has Force's successor in Charge and its HR variant, and also higher end Fitbit Surge. Microsoft also released Microsoft Band, a fitness band with a lot of features, but with shorter battery time.

In the end, I chose Garmin VivoSmart which is bundled with Heart Rate monitor chest strap.
I like its simple design and I want to try different brand. As as fitness band, it has additional features like phone notifications and alarm. Personally, I don't really use phone notifications because I don't like turning on bluetooth on my phone, and I usually don't bring phone during jogging/running session.

I have only tried it for several days and so far it seems good (but nothing special).The good thing is the strap doesn't loose as easily as Force. The thing that I miss is how easy I sync my Fitbit Force data via PC. I just need to ensure wireless Fitbit adapter plugged in and it will sync automatically. Right now I have to connect Vivosmart to charging adapter before it can start syncing. As for phone syncing, it just needs to connect via Bluetooth.