Criminality rate is increasing in my country during this Covid-19 season. The town I live (Batu) can be regarded as a safer place to live.

In spite of that, something unusual happened 2 days ago. My phone was probably stolen.

Our rug store, which is closed due to Covid-19, still serves buyers, if they are regulars or if they buy in larger quantities.

Shit happened. My phone was gone right after I returned the change. The buyer took it in front of me, and I didn't even realize it. I only confirmed it after checking the CCTV.

I am not sure if he did it accidentally, but I am pretty sure my phone is unique as it looks dirty 😀 It is a cheap Asus phone with large battery. I don't do anything special with phone except for browsing and Whatsapp. However I store a lot of personal and office documents. So it left me very anxious. I can limit the document access by changing my Google password, but I wasn’t sure if there are important documents stored locally. This is the same case with losing a wallet.

Long story short, I managed to get it back in a relatively unusual way. I tried to call my phone several times but no one accepted it. I managed to get it back in one of the partial lockdown (PSBB) posts because the buyer was a contractor for building temporary police posts. I know it sounds weird/anti climax, but it was what it was.

In the end, God bless me !