During this uncertain times, I read a lot of bad news.

A lot of people got infected with Covid-19, there is increase in criminal activities, higher rate of unemployment, etc. Even the hospital beside home has a lot of medics tested positive in rapid tests.

I have lived like a hermit for this past 2 months. I stay at home and only go out to minimarket if I want to get bread. During weekend, I just order some foods.

Yes, this way of life sucks

I can go on with bad news, but a lot of people have worse challenges in life. If I think a bit, we still need to be grateful to God for a lot of things.

Peaceful Time

100 years ago, during the Spanish Flu outbreak, there was World War 1.

I can't imagine what I would do if I lived during those times. I can't cook, can't repair home, and can't fight.
I would have been a useless slob, as software engineer is a relatively modern job.

Despite ongoing conflict in some parts of the world, it is arguably that the past 20 years has been the most peaceful time in history.

(More) Good People

I have impression that people in this generation are generally better. At least, more polite, regardless of their origin.

Obviously, I live in small town, I don't interact that much, and my perception is skewed.

However, from social media and from outsider perspective I am under impression that people treat others better.

Internet Era

Internet has been integral part of our life. 20 years ago I would have to go to internet cafe just to browse sites (CodeProject and GameFAQs mostly), and bring flash disk, which can be easily infected with virus.

One time, I went to internet cafe near Ubaya university. I just spent less than 1 hour, and when I come to cafe owner/guard to pay, her expression was smug. She knew that time I spent all of my session to browse sites for sexy/adult pictures.

Nowadays a lot of things is accessible with internet. My aunties stream Youtube in their spare time.

This Still Sucks

“Life happens. Shit happens. And it happens a lot. To a lot of people.”
― Colleen Hoover, Slammed

Life is full of challenge, and bad things will happen in future too...

Today I am still a pathetic person, but I hope someday I will be better.