Using something new in a limited time is actually quite thrilling.
I have a task for creating internal disposable tool for current project, and one way to make it more interesting is by using different language.

In this case, I use Google's Go programming language, which is growing in popularity.
My friends and ex colleagues from previous companies have used it for years, so I am way behind them in term of knowledge.
I have studied Go before in relatively limited scope, but I have never used it.

Now is still a good time for using Go. There's no need to structure code in GOPATH directory, which feels annoying for newcomer. Go module is also the official way of managing dependencies now.

I will likely post more detailed experience later (~ 1 month from now) after everything is settled. However I am satisfied so far.
It is a modern language designed for concurrency, yet relatively simple. There are few things, which I have mixed feeling, like the error handling pattern, and relatively different behavior of standard library from outsider perspective ( date format and regexp ).
However it is undoubtly a better language than PHP, which I use at daily work, and it has better runtime than Node.js.
Language wise, I like the syntactic sugar of Js more, but Js is single threaded. Node.js only has new Worker Thread officially since last year.

I expect Go will be still be relevant for the next 10 years.