Last Sunday, Manny Pacquiao beat arguably the best welterweight, Timothy Bradley in their third match.
This is kind of fight which I don't like personally, I like both of them but they have fought twice before. Pacquiao has shown he was better in both occasions, though Bradley got the decision in their first fight.

This third fight was still a good fight, both of them are high quality boxer but their second fight was much better, and higher pacing. This time, Pac was slower and more inactive than before, but he is still faster than Timothy Bradley which is a fast boxer himself. Fortunately, Pac's strategy of counter punching was effective. He was able to deck Bradley twice, though the first knockdown was more of flash knockdown.

I always rate Bradley as the best welterweight outside of Mayweather and Pacquiao, and he is a top 10 pound for pound. I just think that Pacquiao's style is bad for Bradley. As good as Pacman is, he can't fight father time. He is slowing down and as someone who has other priority in life (politics), he should leave boxing for good.

There was no one like Pacquiao, an 8 divisions world champ, and it will be really hard to exceed it