Roughly 1 year ago, I said that Fitbit Force was good as a fitness band. Unfortunately, my Force is almost detached now.

Actually. several months ago I have glued it because the plastic around LED almost went loose. So I can say that the build quality of Fitbit Force is not that good. As for its usage, I have no complaint. It works as advertised.

Right now there are a lot of fitness bands available. Fitbit has Force's successor in Charge and its HR variant, and also higher end Fitbit Surge. Microsoft also released Microsoft Band, a fitness band with a lot of features, but with shorter battery time.

In the end, I chose Garmin VivoSmart which is bundled with Heart Rate monitor chest strap.
I like its simple design and I want to try different brand. As as fitness band, it has additional features like phone notifications and alarm. Personally, I don't really use phone notifications because I don't like turning on bluetooth on my phone, and I usually don't bring phone during jogging/running session.

I have only tried it for several days and so far it seems good (but nothing special).The good thing is the strap doesn't loose as easily as Force. The thing that I miss is how easy I sync my Fitbit Force data via PC. I just need to ensure wireless Fitbit adapter plugged in and it will sync automatically. Right now I have to connect Vivosmart to charging adapter before it can start syncing. As for phone syncing, it just needs to connect via Bluetooth.