These past few months, I revert to use PHP for my office projects. It is not my fave language, but our projects uses Wordpress so it is unavoidable.

While my Wordpress experience is still relatively young, I have to admit its plugin ecosystem is really rich. A particular plugin which is really useful is ACF (Advanced Custom Field).

In Wordpress, the most common data type is "post". A post contains fields such as title, excerpt, slug, etc.

More often than not, your article needs additional field. Wordpress facilitates this via custom field.

However if you need to have a quick, user friendly and powerful solution you can try to use Advanced Custom Field plugin. It is commercial but is worth it.

ACF has a lot of additional field types. One of the most important is its Repeater field. Repeater field type allows us to create more complex parent child model easily.

Disclaimer: I have no relation with ACF developer.