Here I'm sitting behind my PC desk writing my first blog post in 2015.

Several events have happened :

  • My uncle, which lived in the same home, passed away. He has battled with illness for some years. He funded my junior hi school, senior hi school and university. I wouldn't be a programmer like now without him. So I thanked him for all his help and guidance.
  • Intel showcased Compute Stick (and NUC), a small PC as big as palm of your hand. Will 2015 be a big year for Internet of Things?
  • Pacquiao met Mayweather for first time at NBA game. I expect they will finally fight this year.
  • Inter Milan has acquired Shaqiri, their first big signing under Thohir.
  • And today Node.js finally reached version 0.12 after long-long wait !! Some projects like Node-webkit and Atom already switch from Node to io.js. Will need to monitor which platform be most supported by community.
  • Rust language will reach 1.0 soon! Although Rust is lower level language but it is already popular at least at Github. Will Rust popularity match Go at least ?

Year 2015 will bring more challenge and hopefully exciting events. Bring it on !!!