Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective, is back in a new novel, The Monogram Murders.
This novel wasn't written by Christie, who died on 1976, but by Sophie Hannah, with the permission of Christie's family.

The Monogram Murders Indonesian Cover

It was released around September in Indonesia.
As an author with heavy burden, Sophie has tried to her best to follow Christie's style of writing. If the author's name was hidden, I wouldn't be able to tell easily if this is not Christie's.

My 2 cents:

  • A decent, not special Poirot novel.
  • It still had complicated plot, however the conclusion was a bit underwhelming
  • Catchpool, Poirot's new partner was Hastings 2.0
  • It was just my imagination or Indonesian translation felt a bit off / too wordy
  • Some details like Poirot's ego, and his obsessions with neat things, were there. You can also still find Shakespeare's line as usual.