Nowadays web apps are getting more and more dominant.
It is kind of bittersweet for me, considering I'm more of a desktop app guy.
Ten years ago, during semester 3 of my university days, I studied my first desktop programming API, with Visual Basic 6.0.
Years went by, and now my office projects involves web only.

The last time I did desktop programming was an informal app for my friend, built with WPF.

Egg Farm System

Unfortunately it was not kind of app that make myself happy. But it was acceptable considering I haven't touched any desktop API for quite long, so I needed time to restudy API.

Now (end of 2014), if I were going to develop a desktop app for myself, I would probably consider the following APIs:

  • Qt Quick
  • WPF
  • Node-webkit

I have never tried node-webkit, but a lot of apps already use it. Personally I don't like the idea of using HTML + Js for developing serious desktop app, but it is worth a try for hobby project.