Ayende wrote an excellent post about the importance of continuous learning.

To be honest I have been a bit stagnant lately outside of my office work.

Two months ago, I and my friend had been studying C++ & Qt, and I wanted to write more posts about my adventure to C++ land.
However along the way, we decided to write a web-based tool which hopefully simplifies the creation of our personal project. This halted our C++ study.

There were a lot of obstacles during this tool creation (lack of concentration, illness, etc) which caused our slow progress. Obviously, working in spare time won't be as effective as in office hours.

Whenever I was bored, I remembered that I haven't even updated some of my older github projects. Some of them only needs minor updates, but I may also need to restudy API (like Wix installer) to apply changes.

On top of that I also keep my obsession of doing Erlang experiment, and I also need time for playing games and watching movies/animes at least at weekend.

Learning process is not always straightforward...