Today I'd like to review a gadget that I've owned for about 3 months. The name is Fitbit Force.
This review is a bit special because Fitbit Force was already recalled not long after I bought this. So for now you won't be able to buy this anymore until it is relaunched. Fitbit itself is not sold officially in Indonesia so I had to get it via Ebay. The other alternative is Amazon.

Fitbit Force is a wristband based pedometer. It tracks how many steps you've taken, distance travelled, and calories burned on that day. It also shows the current time.

Fitbit Force comes in two colors, black and blue, and 2 sizes, normal and large. Mine is black and large.
The material is rubber-like. Its design is simplistic and also lightweight. It has an OLED screen which displays current stats.

Behind the screen there is also a plug for charging.

There is also a web application which you can access at While it is nice, I don't really use it as it needs a lot of manual input, such as food eaten and water drank in a day. It is hard to determine the exact amount of them.
You will need to sync Fitbit Force via Fitbit Connect software to keep web application data updated.

Fitbit is really useful for encouraging someone to move more. I have to admit that.
You can set your daily goal such as 10.000 steps daily and it will alert you if you've reached your goal.
The other nice thing is its silent alarm feature. I use it to wake me up at the morning.

The downside with Fitbit Force is its strap is easily loose. So it may fall off if you're not careful.
There is "belt" from which can be use to protect it, but this is something that should have been fixed in manufacturing process.
The other con is that a lot of people reported skin issues, which is the main reason it was recalled. Personally I don't experience it as I don't really wear it all time.

Is it worth buying ?
Fitbit Force is a comfortable wristband pedometer.
It also displays time, so it can be watch replacement. Silent alarm feature is also great. It encourages you to be more active.
Its strap sucks.
UPDATE: The strap is almost broken after 1 year of usage