This is my bookcase.


It is not that big and it is not full of books, which means I don't need to know all things in this world and I still have a lot of empty spaces in my brain.

It also represents my achievements after I started my career as software engineer. Almost all of the books there were purchased after I graduated from university.

Most of them are also in English. Reading English books will make you look smarter than you are.

The top shelf consists of a variety of books. There are computer science, software engineering and other things like Holy Bible and English dictionaries.

The middle shelf contains practical books. Most of them are related to specific API or programming language.
The practical books are easily become obsolete, because of the nature of technology. New versions of API and programming languages always come with new features.
I still remember that in 2009 I purchased one of my earliest books, Apress Pro WPF In C# 2008 from Amazon. It is a really good book however a new version appeared just 1 year later.

The bottom shelf consists of novels and some manga books. I read a lot of Agatha Christie's novels when I was senior high school, and a decade later I bought most of her books. I also have other novels written by popular authors like Dickens, Paolo Coelho, John Steinbeck, etc.

As expected you won't find psychology and philosophy books there. I don't have mental problem and I don't feel an urgency to change my point of view.

That makes me seems like a guy who loves to read fiction right?
Unfortunately no.
I'm not really an avid reader, I've never been. I only read when I want to or when I really need to.
Nowadays I play games more. In fact I haven't finished reading quite a large number of my books.

As for IT-related books, my current policy is that I will only buy books which I am 100% sure that I will read it. Purchasing them are expensive as they are imported and computer books normally cost at least 4 times more than novels. Digital formats are normally cheaper but sometimes they have formatting issues.

Needless to say, I'm proud of my bookcase and my book collection.