Lately I’ve been thinking about moving my blog to other platform. I know that I’m not an active blogger, but life is boring if you use the same thing over and over again .

Currently I use BlogEngine.Net. Yes, it is built on our lovely .NET Framework! I never doubt .NET platform, but there should be better blogging system out there. One of them is Wordpress, which is a huge mess of spaghetti code AFAIK. It is most used blogging system and better feature-wise.  After all I have my own Linux VPS, so I would like to have 100% control over my blog.

To be honest, I’m leaning towards static blog generators. They are gaining more popularity right now. They are also simpler and don’t need database.

Jekkyl is one of earliest and most popular static site generator. It uses Ruby to generate pages. I dont want to install Ruby in my VPS though, so in this case I can just push the generated pages to git repository and perform git pull in VPS everytime I need to update the content. The static pages itself will be served by Nginx. The alternative is using Github to host Jekyll.

Node.Js is my current favorite platform, so one of the most logical choice is Docpad. I have tried it for a while and it seems good. If I have something that I dont like, it is their choice of CoffeeScript as their main scripting language. While CofffeeScript is relatively easy to learn, as their syntax is Ruby-like, I prefer to use JavaScript directly.

Today, I also got email about the first public release of Ghost blogging platform. I knew it from its successful Kickstarter campaign. I still havent try it though, but it uses Sqlite as their default database choice.

Well, I will just keep my choice open for now.