This morning I woke up earlier than usual. I tried to enjoy sunrise more and have a quality morning walk.

I felt how peaceful this morning was.

After morning jogging, I decided to sleep again for 30 minutes or more before taking a bath. Nothing wrong with more rest, right?

Then I opened my 5 years old pc.

Daily routine as usual.

Everything went smooth, I continued my programming task with one of the best IDE, Visual Studio.

It was normal, until I got feedback that our static resource server having issue with images from S3 !!

I turned off my customErrors setting then I saw the problem was “403 Forbidden” thrown by Amazon S3.

Probably permission error? Or any Joe in Amazon decided to experiment with S3 API authentication? 

Nope. I didn’t find any breaking changes information. This is Amazon API, it is stable, unlike Facebook.

I moved my suspicion to LitS3. It is the component that is used to access S3. Somehow when I tested the code in local and development server, everything works.

So it gotta be server’s issue right?

After 1+ hour of resetting IIS, changing  AppPool settings, and restarting server, I found this article at

Amazon S3 requires all machines making requests be within 15 minutes of an Amazon S3 webserver's clock.

I noticed that server’s date was incorrect for some reason. Ohhh I never expect this to cause such an issue.


Long story short, every server issue is enough to make your heart beat faster.