Dishonored is a 1st person action adventure game. It emphasizes stealth mechanism but you can also opt to gun blast your enemies. 

In Dishonored you play as Corvo, an empress bodyguard who is framed for empress assasination. You look for your way out from prison to avoid execution and set out for revenge as its tagline “Revenge Solves Everything”.

Dishonored takes places in steampunk city named Dunwall. Its population is decreased because of rat plague which turns people into zombie-like called weepers.

One thing that came to my mind when I was playing Dishonored is that it is similar with Deus Ex: Human Revolution in some ways. In Dishonored, you use supernatural abilities where you can perform blink (short teleport), possess animal and people, bend time, etc compared to augmentation which is more scientific. In Dishonored, you can also finish the mission in lethal / non lethal however it brings more consequences than Deus Ex. There is a mechanism called “chaos” which is similar to karma system in other games. The more you killed people the higher chaos level is. It will affect ending and the number of enemies.

Things that I like in Dishonored:

  • Its gameplay is brilliant  though it is not original and the gameplay time is relatively short especially if you do it violently. I finished the game twice both via low and high chaos. Personally I feel high chaos is better as you can try your abilities to its fullest.
  • Its steampunk settings is great though its graphic is mediocre at best.

Things that I’m not imprresed with:

  • Its story is forgettable.

If I score it, then it will be 8.5 out of 10.