I did some research on mobile web frameworks using Sencha Touch 2, jQuery Mobile and Kendo UI with ASP.NET MVC backend. While team haven’t decided whether we use responsive design or a mobile framework, trying them gave us some insight .


Sencha Touch 2

  • JavaScript based MVC
  • Single page app, routing works via hash value.  
  • Initial learning curve is steep, but those who are familiar with ExtJs may like this approach.
  • Dependencies seem to be bigger
  • Right now only supports iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry
  • There is free commercial license which suits mobile web.


jQuery Mobile

  • HTML based, like normal web page
  • Easy to learn
  • Free
Kendo UI

  • HTML based, like normal web page
  • Use attributes for convention. also has nice transition effects.
  • Easy to learn
  • Has nice native look
  • Supports a lot of platforms
  • Commercial

There are other frameworks like EnyoJ which I havent tried. So far those three are really good, though I prefer Kendo UI and jQuery Mobile over Sencha Touch 2.