Last weekend I managed to finish Fatal Frame 4 (Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen). It is a 2008 survival horror game, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture.

Fatal Frame IV is the latest in term of major version, though Project Zero 2 Wii Edition (Remake of Fatal Frame 2) is the latest installment and was just released several months ago.

The settings of Fatal Frame IV is Rougetsu Island, which is a solitary island (as expected). Ruka , the main protagonist, travels there alone to recover her lost memories. There she discovers the scary accident that happened 10 years before.

Similar with Fatal Frame 3, Fatal Frame IV has 3 playable characters, 2 girls and a detective, not including Madoka in Prologue chapter. Kirishima, the detective doesn’t use Camera Obscura but a Spirit Flashlight, which is a new weapon in the series.

Fatal Frame IV itself is quite enjoyable. It is the least tense Fatal Frame that I’ve ever played. It also offers few random (non-scripted) encounters and less jump scare. There is nothing like miasma in Fatal Frame 3, though there are chase events.

Main female characters (including main antagonist) of Fatal Frame IV are pretty and really well designed. The same can’t be said with Kirishima, the only male playable character. I suppose this is a way to attract more male players.

The replay value is average. There are features that will be unlocked after you finish the game,  such as customes, new lens functionality, and difficulty levels. While I am a fan of Fatal Frame series, I seldom replay a game once it is finished.

Overall, Fatal Frame IV is a good game. It is not as solid as Fatal Frame 2, and not as tense as Fatal Frame 3 (or other games that requires hide and seek like Amnesia, Clock Tower).  7.5/10.