I hate to admit this, but I know that I’m not a dedicated developer (apart from my daily job as programmer in Magicsoft Asia). I have zero contribution to .NET world. Though my last name is “Setiawan”, which means “a loyal person” in Bahasa, I lack focus in my knowledge. I have a dream to be  a productive software developer, but I find that I’m distracted by the facility that I have.

For example: when I used CRT monitor, my eyes felt tired easily. That’s my excuse. Now I have lcd monitor, I spend more time to play pc games and read mangas.

I also have a promise to make a hash-related website for my uncle. Promise is a debt, I hope I can do it soon.

I’m getting older, and if I don’t improve , I’m pretty sure that the newly graduated IT student with high spirit will surpass me easily and I’ll never catch up with my seniors and other well known developers.

My name is Anton Setiawan, I’m going to be 25 year old soon, and I’ll be a better software developer for sure !