Yesterday I was informed that I won a coupon of a Tekpub monthly subscription by James Avery. As an info, I joined EggHeadCafe drawing previously.

I’ve bought Tekpub “Mastering ASP.NET MVC 2” series before .While I haven’t finished watching them all, I found that their videos are good and informative, worth of money. My reason of choosing “Mastering ASP.NET MVC 2” :

  • It was one of the earliest available tutorials around.
  • It is hosted by “the guys who wrote the books”, Rob Conery is also the author of Wrox ASP.NET MVC and Steve Sanderson is the author of Apress Pro ASP.NET MVC

A monthly subscription of Tekpub means you can view/ stream all videos but you can’t download them. Somehow the internet connection here is quite slow, so I asked James whether I can exchange my monthly subscription with nHibernate series. He replied that he  has enabled download for my monthly subscription !! Wow that really helped me !

Thanks a lot for Tekpub Support!