Today I attended technology seminar at UMM. The only thing that interest me is the fact that Microsoft evangelists come there. Some of them are Zeddy, Ronald, and Agam. The seminar was ok, though the main topic – Brainwave technology, is a bit boring, something like waste of time for me. I know that this is a promising one but it still needs a lot of research.

The second topic was technology update from AMD. The presenter did a very good job of dishing Intel’s capabilities, he referred Intel as “blue” processor and people should “go green” instead of “go blue”. While he is definitely biased, I give 2 thumbs up to him to make the atmosphere alive.

Then the last one was Microsoft short workshop after lunch. Ronald and Agam (MSP) presented Robotics, WPF, and Silverlight. Ronald showed coding Robotics with C# & Visual Programming language. In the end, he controlled Robot with xbox 360 gamepad. Agam gave demo on how to build Ribbon control in WPF and Physics-aware application in Silverlight. They did what it takes to draw a lot of applause from attendees.

I returned home at 4 o’clock and wondered how small my knowledge is.