How would you rate your shit? Some people say size is important, other people believe that the relieve feeling after defecation is the important one. There is a medical classification of your stool.


The 3rd and 4th stool is considered “ideal stools”.

However yesterday I had a bad experience with my defecation. While my stool is considered ideal (the 3rd type), something came out along with my feces. I was very scared.

As a matter of fact, several months ago I went to doctor to check for hemorrhoid. While it was not that serious, I became cautious because I spend a lot of time sitting in front of PC . Since that time, I have eaten more veggies and fruits (especially papaya).

I tried to push that thing inside of my anus but it didn’t work, and I asked for help. And we figured that it is something like plastic yarn, that is used to tie the veggie. My assumption is I ate that thing along with kangkung or pecel.  I need to be more careful when I buy something , though I don’t think it was my mistake.


The above picture is the stupid little thing that made me suffer.